The California LTAP Center1 has posted the following dates for upcoming sessions of the Federal Aid Series and Resident Engineers Academy:

Federal Aid Series

Dates Location
February 2-6, 2015 Marysville, CA
February 23-27, 2015 Eureka, CA
March 23-27, 2015 Los Angeles, CA
April 20-24, 2015 San Luis Obispo, CA
May 18-22, 2015 San Diego, CA

Resident Engineers Academy

Dates Location
February 9-12, 2015 Marysville, CA
March 9-12, 2015 Redding, CA
April 6-9, 2015 Oakland, CA
May 4-7, 2015 San Bernardino, CA

If you’re new to delivering federal-aid projects or need a refresher, these are the courses that will help provide the fundamentals to be successful. For additional information or to register, visit their site.

  1. If you’re not familiar with the center, it’s the same partnership that Local Assistance and Sacramento State has had in the past couple of years for delivering training to local agencies.