The upcoming session (5/13-16) of the Resident Engineers Academy in Redding still has some seats available if you’re interested in attending this valuable training.
The Resident Engineers Academy provides core training in state and federal regulations for local agency resident engineers.  The Academy, partially subsidized by Caltrans for State and Local participants ($360, $560 for others) , is ideal for both seasoned and newly-hired Resident Engineers.

This four-day course provides practical, hands-on training for Resident Engineers.  The subject matter experts and instructors use a real-life approach to deliver information utilizing examples, problem-solving activities, and exercises.  The Resident Engineers Academy also provides a unique learning environment designed to promote networking.

Specifically, participants will learn how to efficiently manage a project from beginning to completion in compliance with state and federal regulations.  Topics will include:

  • Resident Engineer’s Roles and Responsibilities
  • Staffing/Consultants and Supervision
  • Pre-Construction Preparation – Documents, Checklists and Files
  • Process Reviews and Oversight
  • Environmental and SWPPP/WPC
  • Public Relations
  • Control of Work

  • Scope of Work, Safety/Traffic Control
  • Contract Change Order
  • Labor Compliance
  • Control of Materials
  • Project Completion and Invoicing
  • Claims and Claims Avoidance
  • Local Agency/RE Liability

Seating is limited for this training and requires approval from the District Training Coordinator (DTC) . If you’re interested in attending the Redding Resident Engineer Academy, contact your DTC no later than Tuesday, May 7, 2013.