DLA-OB 11-08 was released today updating the procedures for requesting authorization of non-infrastructure (NI) projects.

The following documents shall be provided by the NI project sponsor when requesting authorization to proceed with NI projects:

  • FTIP/FSTIP programming document
  • Exhibit 3-Q- Request for Authorization to Proceed with Non-Infrastructure Projects
  • A copy of the project application for SRTS-NI, or TE projects
  • Local agency signed finance letter
  • NEPA document – Preliminary Environmental Screening Form for Non-Infrastructure Projects
  • (PES-NI) and Categorical Exclusion (CE)
  • NI project work plan, in lieu of the traditional PS&E. The work plan needs to contain sufficient details on project tasks, schedule, activities, deliverables, and budgets/costs.

via DLA-OB 11-08