Melissa M. White, Director of Policy and Legislation, California Association of Councils of Governments:

CALCOG is excited to announced the launch of our new “Legislation of Interest” bill tracking function on our website to better serve our members at:

CALCOG members, and everyone else, can see the bills we are tracking, search by subject or bill number and get all relevant information about the legislation. You can see our priority bills, all our bills, and even break up the bills by topic area. There is also a calendar view so you can see what bills are due up over the next couple of weeks. To see the details about any individual bill, click the bill number and there is a handy graphic to tell you where in the process it is and links to all the votes, and analysis.

We are also asking for your help. We intend to share “Partner Positions” on any given bill as part of the individual bill report. Our goal will be to post all member letters on a particular bill as a means of fostering further information sharing within the members of our organization and key related stakeholders (for example, the League, CSAC and Self Help Counties). But is can only work if you all copy us on your letters.