The video recordings for the ADA Resurfacing Technical Assistance Webinars have not been provided yet1, but here is a copy of the brief (docx or pdf) and presentation (pptx or pdf) that was provided in today’s session.
The key point that I2 took away from the webinar and Joint Technical Assistance was that specific pavement treatments3 are now considered alterations</a>:

Distinguishing alterations from maintenance based on the type of road surface treatment

The Joint Technical Assistance provides a single Federal policy that clarifies the application of curb ramps. Addressing curb ramps will be triggered by the type of road surface treatment project:

  • Alterations require the installation of curb ramps.
  • Maintenance applications do not require curb ramps at the time of the improvement3.

Here was another helpful slide provided to determine if your project requires the installation or update of curb ramps:

Application of Curb Ramp Flowchart

Based on questions/comments from the webinar (and emails and comments from my site), it’s clear that this policy is gaining more attention from those involved with the delivery of road maintenance projects. If you’re interested in learning more about the topic, please refer to the various links that I’ve added throughout this post.

  1. FHWA did not provide an estimated time that the video recordings will be available. Questions and answers will not be provided in a separate document. 

  2. There was other information provided in the brief and presentation. I recommend reviewing those documents to see if there are any other points of interest to you. Please consider sharing your thoughts in the comments to benefit other site visitors. 

  3. While it’s not required at the time of the improvement, the application of curb ramps should be included in the agency’s ADA Transition Plan.