If you’ve been following my site, you already know I’m fan of FHWA’s Federal-aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies website. The videos and resources they provide aim to simplify federal-aid requirements with “easy-to-understand concepts and illustrated examples” and I often refer and use them when I get questions from local agencies.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I headed to the site when I started my new assignment a couple of weeks ago. To help get up to speed on the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program, I watched the series of videos FHWA provided on the topic:

Some information will need to revised due the recent DBE Final Rule, but the videos are still a good resource for understanding main DBE topics.

If you want to improve your understanding of the DBE program, watch these videos and [let me know](email) what you think1. Were they also helpful to you?

  1. Our office is looking into creating similar types of videos. With limited resources, they might not be as fancy (probably just presentation slides with voiceover), but it would be one way to improve training opportunities to local agencies.