Update 9/5/13: Originally published on the Local Assistance Blog, but directed to remove it.

I’ve been provided an opportunity to contribute at HQ Division of Local Assistance1. My last day with the District 3 team will be September 12.

While I’ll no longer be writing on the Local Assistance Blog, I’ll continue to share news and advice that I believe are helpful at DavidGiongco.com. For those of you who reference my past posts, I’ve archived all my posts to the site.

If you find my posts helpful and would like to continue receiving email notifications, you can subscribe for site updates by clicking HERE. I’ve published several posts during my transition:

Since I created the site in June 2011, subscription to the Local Assistance Blog has grown from a whopping two co-workers to, at the time this post is published, a humbling 2782 throughout the state3. It has provided me the opportunities to meet and work with various local agencies and Districts. More importantly, the site has helped make a dent in sharing information with those committed to delivering their federal-aid projects.

Thank you to all who have subscribed and sent me positive feedback. I hope to see you all at my site!

  1. I’ll be the acting coordinator for the Active Transportation Program, Transportation Alternatives Program, and Transportation Enhancements Program. 

  2. That may not sound like a lot, but it’s pretty good for a transportation blog :-). 

  3. There are a couple folks from other states. I didn’t forget about you!