Caltrans announced the HSIP Cycle 6 Call for Projects (approximately $150 million) today. Applications are due to your District Local Assistance Engineer no later than Friday, July 26, 2013. Applications received or postmarked after July 26, 2013 will not be accepted.
While there is no limit to the number of applications per agency, there is a maximum amount of HSIP funds established per agency:

max hsip funding

Applicants should also note that:

  • If an agency has one or more active HSIP (including HR3) projects that are flagged for not meeting delivery milestones, Caltrans will not accept HSIP applications from that agency unless the flags have been resolved prior to the application due date. For delivery requirements and project delivery status, please go to

  • In MAP-21, the High Risk Rural Roads (HR3) Program is not a set-aside program, but part of the HSIP. However, due to the special rule pertaining to high risk rural road safety in MAP 21, it may be necessary to have a statewide lower B/C cutoff for HR3 eligible projects.
  • For the HSIP (Cycle 6) Call for Projects, non-infrastructure (NI) elements that support an infrastructure project are eligible to be funded including safety education, traffic enforcement, and emergency medical services. Additional guidance on applying for and implementing NI elements is available at

In an effort to provide clear guidance to local agencies on how to efficiently prepare their applications, Caltrans and the Federal Highway Administration, California Division (FHWA CA DIV) are hosting a webinar that will review the Cycle 6 Call-for-Projects process and documents. All agencies are encouraged to attend this live webinar (May 16, 2013 from 10:00am – 12:00pm) or view the recording after the webinar has occurred. Participants are required to register using the National Highway Institute’s Webconferencing system.

For additional information regarding the HSIP program guidelines, application form, and other useful documents, please visit the HSIP Application site or contact your District Local Assistance Engineer.

Note: DLA-OB 13-04 was also published today to issue the new HSIP guidelines.