You put a lot of hard work toward understanding the federal requirements for your project, coordinating efforts to ensure compliance, staying updated with Office Bulletins … but how are you doing when it becomes time to seek reimbursement for all your efforts?

Invoicing, unfortunately, is an important aspect of administering a federal-aid project that doesn’t get enough attention. Chapter 5 of the LAPM is your primary resource for understanding the reimbursement process and other invoicing requirements, but Felicia Haslem and Ferdinand Batatan with District 3 Local Assistance have created an innovative template to help local agencies prepare their invoices.

The Invoice Template that the team put together was originally shared on the Local Assistance Blog in February 2012, but since then has developed into a robust tool to help prepare invoices. Some of the features for the invoice tool include:

  • Automatic invoice formatting that complies with Local Programs Accounting requirements.
  • Calculated fields to prevent any errant inputs.
  • Adaptability for changing reimbursement rates.
  • Clear identification of federally eligible costs that cannot be reimbursed because of limiting grant funds1.
  • Linked inputs for preparation of Exhibit 15-M.

To make this tool more effective, Felicia and Ferdinand put together detailed instructions on how to use2 the Invoice Template.

If you’re having difficulties preparing your invoices or having invoices disputed by your DLAE, I highly recommend checking out their Invoice Template. Felicia and Ferdinand3 have put a lot of effort into this project and it has improved the invoicing process for agencies in District 3. It could do the same for yours too.

Download the Invoice Template HERE and start preparing you invoices in a preferred format for efficient review and, more importantly, payment.