Last week, we (District 3 Office of Local Assistance) launched a survey to better understand our local partners and identify ways to improve our services. While the target audience is District 3, the feedback from anyone (local agencies, MPO/RTPAs, Caltrans, consultants) involved with the administration of Local Assistance projects will help us better assess where we should focus our attention and resources to.
The 20–30 minute survey consists of three sections:

  1. Tell Us About Yourself: These questions will provide us general information about survey participants.1
  2. Local Assistance Knowledge: This section asks you to evaluate your knowledge about a variety of Local Assistance topics. The main goal with these questions is to identify potential areas for training.
  3. Customer Service: In this section, let us know how Local Assistance is doing! Share your thoughts and experiences about the resources we’ve created and the personnel you interact with as you deliver your projects. The responses here will serve as a report card for the team’s responsiveness, friendliness, and knowledge.

Whether you’re in District 3 or not, please consider participating in the survey. I will share the results here on my blog for those who are interested. The information gathered in the survey will also help me prioritize the information that I share and write about.

The survey is available until Friday, July 26 and can be accessed by clicking HERE.