In addition to the Federal-Aid Series and Resident Engineer courses being offered in the upcoming months, other training courses and programs can be provided through the Local Technical Assistance Program by Caltrans Division of Local Assistance and Sacramento State’s College of Continuing Education.  Here’s your chance to let us know what training you want offered in the District.

To better serve our local agencies in District 3,  please vote for the top three courses you’re interested in attending below.  The training topics listed were identified as the most in demand by the Needs Assessment conducted by Sacramento State earlier in the year.  If you are interested in other training not listed in the poll, please leave your input in the comments of this post.

The results of the poll will be monitored by the District and used to communicate needs to Caltrans Division of Local Assistance and Sacramento State’s College of Continuing Education.  Thanks for your participating in advance and plese share with others who aren’t aware of the blog.

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