Local Programs Procedures (LPP) 13-01 was recently released and incorporates consultant selection and other technical changes to the LAPM and LAPG.
The primary update was made to Chapter 10, Consultant Selection.  Chapter 10 has been replaced to reflect updated information about Architectural and Engineering (A&E) consultant contracts. In addition to incorporating Office Bulletin 12-03R from November 2012, suggestions from stakeholders have also been inserted into the chapter.

Policy and exhibits in LAPM Chapters 3 (Project Authorization), 5 (Accounting/Invoices), 15 (Advertise and Award Project), and 20 (Deficiencies and Sanctions) and LAPG Chapter 23 (Local Agency STIP Projects) were also updated with LPP 13-01

Here is a summary of the changes the first LPP of the year brings: