Local Program Procedures (LPP) 13–02 was recently posted on the Local Assistance website:

The purpose of this LPP is to update LAPM Chapters 13 and 14 to reflect changes brought about by Moving Ahead for Progress (MAP–21) and “Buy America”, as it relates to Right of Way and Utility Relocation, and to clarify the Utility Relocation reimbursement process when done under the construction phase. LAPM Chapter 13 “Right of Way”, and Chapter 14 “Utility Relocation”, are replaced in their entirety. Impacted Exhibits 3-D (Request for Authorization to Proceed with Construction), 13-A (Short Form Right of Way Certification)1, 13-B (Right of Way Certification), 14-C (Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Specific Authorization/Approval of Utility Agreement), and 14-I (Local Agency/Utility Owner Special Agreement) are also replaced in their entirety.