Mileage-Based User Fee Aliance (MBUFA):

On October 7th, MBUFA will hold the latest of its workshop series in Los Angeles, CA to educate and inform thought leaders on using mileage-based-user-fees as a viable financial basis for funding transportation infrastructure.

The workshop will be at the Embassy Suites in Glendale (800 North Central Avenue , “Emerald Salon” Conference Room ,Glendale, CA) from 12:30pm to 5:30pm and will feature the following presentations:

  • The Federal & California Financial Cliff - Jack Basso, MBUFA, and Steven Keck, Caltrans
  • The Importance of Transportation Infrastructure: Enhancing California’s Economy - Nick Vyas, USC Marshall School of Business, Global Supply Chain Management Program
  • MBUF 101 - Adrian Moore, The Reason Foundation
  • What Are Other States Doing to Move the Cliff? - Barbara Rohde, MBUFA
  • The Oregon Model - James Whitty, Oregon Department of Transportation
  • State & Local MBUF Efforts - Lucy Dunn, CTC; Norma Ortgea, Caltrans; Hasan Ikhrata, SCAG; Eric Thronson, California State Senate Transportation and Housing Committee

The workshop is free for those who like to attend, but registration is required here.