The CTC Staff Recommendation for the 2014 Active Transportation Program (ATP) MPO Component have been posted. The recommendation will be presented for adoption at the upcoming November 12 CTC in Sacramento.

The programming recommendation for $134 million of ATP funds lists 114 projects competitively selected by the large urbanized regions that make up the MPO component. Eighty percent of the funds to be programmed have been identified to benefit disadvantaged communities.

I wanted to note the following about the staff recommendation:

  • You’ll notice that there aren’t any projects from the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) region. They will be resubmitting their program recommendation to the CTC for adoption at the December meeting. $13.4 million of ATP funds for that region will be programmed at that time.

  • State-only funding (SOF) has been designated for some of the projects in the recommendation. It’s important for project sponsors to understand that these SOF designations only apply to the funds programmed for this cycle (i.e. 14/15 and 15/16). If a project has remaining phases that will compete for ATP funds and is awarded, those funds may or may not be designated as SOF.

Keep in mind that the recommendations are not authorization to begin work on a project. Contracts may not be awarded and/or work cannot begin until an allocation is approved by the Commission for a project in the adopted program.