After almost two years of the same look since creating the Local Assistance Blog, I’ve made several changes to the site.
The first thing you’ll notice is the new design. While the content of the site is my primary concern, feedback regarding how the blog has been handy and referenced during meetings motivated me to make some design changes. The Local Assistance Blog now includes a more responsive design to better accomodate phone and tablet viewing.

The next update I made was to the

Archives page. Some subscribers have mentioned how the blog has helped become a historical reference for announcements and other postings. The Archives page can now be used to find posts by date or topic1.

One of the major changes to the site is the new domain. The original URL of will still direct you to the site2, but to make things easier for users to spread the word about the site, the primary address for the Local Assistance Blog is now simply

Lastly, with one of the biggest supporters and contributors to the site, John Hoole, at HQ now, I’ll be writing many of the posts and updates again. I’m always looking for guest bloggers to share advice from the local agency perspective. If you’re interested in putting something together to share on the blog, please send me an email (

In less than two years, the blog that started as an experiment with three followers (that included me) has grown to a resource for several Caltrans Districts and over 150 subscribers. Thanks for all the support and please continue to share your feedback.