As the first cycle wraps up with the final task of adopting the MPO component, I’ll be transitioning back to Caltrans. My next assignment will be with the Division of a Local Assistance, Office of Policy Development and Quality Assurance. My primary focus for the next couple of months will be improving the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program for local agencies.

It has been a quick year since heading to HQ to work on the Active Transportation Program (ATP). I’ve enjoyed the challenging and rewarding experience from both the Department and Commission’s perspective1. From anticipating the Governor’s approval of Senate Bill 99, to participating in multiple workgroup and subgroup meetings, to drafting and finalizing guidelines, to evaluating and recommending projects for the 2014 program, it’s been an awesome opportunity collaborating with various stakeholders to launch the ATP.

I try to vary the topics I post, but just as you may have noticed when I started working on the ATP, I tend to write/share more about information that I’m actively working on. Even more so when I’m getting up to speed with a new assignment or project … so heads-up :-)

  1. I initially spent three months with the Caltrans team and then joined the CTC staff to work on the new program.