The National Highway Institute (NHI) announced a new web-based training that provides an overview of Local Public Agency (LPA) real estate acquisition and the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 ( Uniform Act). The free training is targeted for those directly involved or providing oversight for acquiring right of way for federally-funded projects.
Upon completion of the self-paced Local Public Agency Real Estate Acquisition training (estimated 6 hours total), participants will be able to:

  • Explain the statutory basis for Federal requirements and relate these to State and local laws, regulations and procedures
  • Explain the intent of the Uniform Act and describe what States and LPAs must do to comply
  • Describe how a typical project is developed and strategies for enhancing project delivery
  • Describe the LPA role in the appraisal process and determine the appropriate valuation format for specific situations
  • Describe the sequence for land acquisition and options available to the negotiator
  • Explain what relocation advisory services are to be provided to property owners and tenants and differentiate the residential and nonresidential relocation processes
  • Summarize various property management activities and evaluate property management actions using specific case studies

If you’re interested in the training (Course Number: FHWA-NHI-1411047), register for the course directly through NHI.

For additional information about this NHI training, visit the course site or contact NHI at or 877.558.6873.