When I created a blog about Local Assistance in June 2011, it was met with skepticism. I accepted that it was different, but continued to post news and advice with hopes that it would become a helpful resource for others statewide. Pretty lofty goal for a site with one subscriber … me.

Over the next two years, word about the blog had eventually spread and 350 other site visitors had joined me in subscribing to the site. The blog was beginning to become what I had envisioned, but I had to reluctantly leave the project when I began my assignment at the CTC. I continued writing here on my personal site to archive and share the things I was learning, but I felt I like I didn’t achieve the goal I set for the blog.

After returning to Caltrans, I was encouraged to resume what I had started four years ago … but this time on behalf of the Division of Local Assistance. This week, the Caltrans Local Assistance Blog went live and was announced. We’re calling it the “LAB”:

The purpose of this site is to it provide you clarity on issues and contribute to the successful delivery of transportation projects using federal resources.

In addition to the news and advice posts, I’ve created forums in an effort to encourage communication and discussion among local agencies, Districts, and HQ personnel.

If my posts have been helpful, please subscribe to the LAB and encourage others to do the same. I’ll be one of the main contributors to the LAB, but with the site being endorsed by the Division of Local Assistance, there will eventually be others to help advise about the various policies, procedures, and programs we encounter on our federal-aid projects.

Check out the LAB here and subscribe!