Caltrans Environmental Compliance Program for Local Agency Partners and Consultants is a new program that Caltrans is developing in partnership with UC Davis Extension to provide local agency partners and consultants with environmental compliance training that would aid them in navigating Caltrans’ environmental process. Course content will emphasize Caltrans’ requirements, procedures and document formats. The second course to be presented in this series is Nuts and Bolts of Environmental Document Review. This course is an interactive workshop that presents tips for reviewing environmental documents that have been prepared for Caltrans approval. This course teaches participants the appropriate forms to use when reviewing an environmental document, including the Environmental Document Quality Control Reviews form and the Environmental Document Review Checklist. Participants also learn about other valuable tools for environmental document review, including the Caltrans Environmental Document Annotated Outlines, comment matrices, and other tools available on the Caltrans Standard Environmental Reference (SER).

Two sessions for this new program are being offered:

  • May 13 (8am – 4:30pm) – Sacramento
  • May 29 (8am – 4:30pm) – Riverside

The registration fee for the course is $350. Addtitional information and to register can be found here.