Secretary Antony Foxx on the recent Highway Trust Fund bill pased by the House:

Last week–after weeks and weeks of alarm, an online Highway Trust Fund ticker we’ve updated every month, an April bus tour, meetings with dozens of governors and mayors and stakeholders, and a lot of my own shoe leather on Capitol Hill– the U.S. House passed a measure to avert the crisis with a ten-month patch. Later this week, the Senate is expected to take up a similar measure.

But let’s not kid ourselves: this is a short-term patch, and if it passes, it’s hard not to imagine that Congress will simply hit the snooze button on this issue the next time it rolls around.

If the Senate passes the bill, it would provide additional money to the Highway Trust Fund until May 2015 … but it’s not the long-term solution. In a lighter way, Jon Stewart helps explain the situation on the Daily Show.