Update 7/1/14 – the revised log has been posted here.

At the CTC meeting last week, Commisioners were provided an update 1 for the 2014 Active Transportation Program (ATP). We reported that 771 applications were received for the program’s initial solicitation of projects. The requests for a variety of bicycle and pedestrian projects totaled over a billion dollars, providing more than enough projects to program for the $180 million statewide program.

Projects are currently being evaluated by a multidisciplinary advisory group that consists of various volunteers with expertise in bicycle and pedestrian projects. Through the assistance of evaluators, CTC Staff will prepare a programming recommendation 2 for tentative posting on August 8 for presentation to Commissioners at the August 20 meeting.

I’ve posted a log of ATP applications received by the Commission and being evaluated here. If you submitted an application for funding consideration, I recommend reviewing it.

A couple of notes to help as you review your project information:

  • Applications are sorted by county, then by implementing agency (the agency that will be seeking allocation/authorization and ultimately responsible for project delivery if awarded funding).
  • Request amounts and phases reflect the applicant’s Project Programming Request and allocation schedule. These amounts may not match an applicant’s request amount if funds were requested outside of the two fiscal years of this cycle (FY14/15 and FY15/16).