The Local Assistance Procedures (LAPM) was recently updated1 and the following procedural changes were made by the Office of Policy Development & Quality Assurance to help agencies:

  • Annual Updates: Revisions will be incorporated into planned annual updates moving forward (e.g. the next edition of the LAPM will be released in January 2018 edition). Policy and procedure changes that need to be implemented sooner will still continue to be communicated through Office Bulletins. Those Office Bulletins will ultimately also be incorporated into the annual LAPM update.

  • Vertical Bar: Revisions (made from the previous edition) will be indicated in the chapters with a vertical bar in the border.

  • Footer Date: The footer date within each LAPM will be updated with each annual edition (e.g. the current edition has a footer of January 2017).2

  1. Only format changes have been made with this update - no content changes. 

  2. The footers for forms will continue to be dated to reflect actual time of updates.