To update those interested in the recent discussions from workgroup meetings, the CTC has provided another version of the ATP guidelines. Several of the notable changes include:

  • Matching requirement of 12% except for projects benefiting a disadvantaged community, stand-alone non-infrastructure projects, and safe routes to school projects.
  • 5% of funds in the statewide competitive program and the rural and small urban program will be made available for active transportation plans in disadvantaged communities.
  • Minimum request of $250,000 for infrastructure projects, excluding safe routes to schools projects and recreational trails projects.
  • Median household income criteria for disadvantaged criteria to be based on census tract level.
  • Role of Safe Routes to School Technical Assistance Resource Center to be expanded for all ATP non-infrastructure projects.

Other siginficant changes since the last version from 12/30 have been highlighted in dark yellow in this version.