Local Assistance Right of Way Certification forms (LAPM Exhibits 13-A and 13-B) were recently updated to reflect MAP-21 and Buy America requirements for utility relocations and agreements.
The “Status of Required Utility Relocations” sections of both Exhibits 13-A and 13-B were revised to include the following items.

Screen Shot - 13-A

Revision to Section 6 of Right of Way Certification (LAPM Exhibit 13-B)

Additionally, the “Certification” section of Exhibit 13-B was revised:

Revision to Section 13 of Right of Way Certification (LAPM Exhibit 13-B)

To streamline the review of your Right of Way Certification and  construction authorization request, be sure to use the current version (May 1, 2013) of these forms in your submittals.

For additional information about Buy America, check out my last post.