It was posted a couple of weeks ago, but if you’re responsible for administering consultant contracts for your local agency, you’ll want to review LPP 15-01 “Consultant Selection”. As a result of last July’s process review of A&E consultant selection and procurement throughout the state, LAPM Chapter 10 was revised:

This LPP incorporates process flow charts; clarifies existing information and provides added guidance; provides a more comprehensive and simplified checklist; and improves and removes duplicate Exhibits in LAPM Chapter 10 “Consultant Selection”.

LAPM Chapter 10 and the following Exhibits are replaced in their entirety:

  • 10-A: A&E Consultant Audit Request Letter and Checklist
  • 10-B: Suggested Consultant Evaluation Sheet
  • 10-C: Consultant Contract Reviewers Checklist
  • 10-H: Sample Cost Proposal (Example #1 thru #3)
  • 10-K: Consultant Certification of Contract Costs and Financial Management System
  • 10-R: A&E Sample Contract Language