TIGER 2012, a new and fast  round of TIGER funding is available.  Some aspects of TIGER 2012 will be  similar to previous rounds (e.g., selection criteria and required construction date), but the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) should be reviewed for details on the differences.
The following are key dates and deadlines from the NOFA:

  • February 13:   Pre-apps accepted starting this date
  • February 20:   Pre-apps submittal deadline
  • February 22:   Final apps accepted starting this date
  • March 19:   Final apps submittal deadline

For additional information about TIGER 2012,  the District 3 point of contact is Nieves Castro (nieves_castro@dot.ca.gov, 530-741-4564).

TIGER 2012 NOFA.pdf

Click here for an easier version to read.